October 17, 2016

Day 1


Today we started the morning by taking the metro down to the US Tax Court, where we got to hear Chief Justice Paige Marvel talk to us about the inner workings of the Tax Court and its process throughout the entire country. We got to sit in the central courtroom where the Washington D.C. cases are tried. After this, we piled into a bus and made the one hour drive Quantico, VA, where we got to tour the FBI Academy. This was an absolute thrill. We started off by hearing about the history of the bureau, and then when onto learn about the current equipment of the Bureau. During this presentation we were able to handle vintage machine guns, current assault rifles and pistols, and the body armor that the Bureau uses. We then were shown the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) specialty unit, where we got to see the helicopters they fly and the specialty dogs they use to on missions. One of the operators in the unit was a Baylor Alumnus, so it was nice being shown around by a fellow Bear. We concluded our time at Quantico by hearing about the opportunities CPAs have to pursue a career in the FBI, which was a good capstone to the end of our very full day.

The US Tax Court

The Justice Board Room of the US Tax Court

FBI Academy