May 23, 2016

Day 9


Today was the first day of the first ever PDN Business conference in Mbale. Fortunately, we were able to stay at the hotel for the conference, which was hosted in an air-conditioned conference room. It was a blessing that was not taken for granted after experiencing the outdoors for the last conference. At the beginning of the conference, there were less than twenty pastors present, about a third the number we expected to show up. Spirits were a little low, yet slowly but surely people came trickling in late, until the conference room was full of people. The presentations were the same as last time, and all went very smoothly.

After the conference, we got the opportunity to go to a community revival. We got there early to play with all of the children there, which is always incredibly fun! Ruth shared her testimony and how God was recently showing his divine providence in her life by means of suffering. The story connected incredibly well with the Ugandans. Taylor then had the chance to share the Gospel, and after showing a short film about what Jesus did on the cross and why He died for us, 53 people had a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. The Lord moves in very mysterious ways, ways that have become even stranger while on this trip. It is comforting, because I do not know what God has planned, yet His will is always carried out, and He receives all of the glory.