May 24, 2016

Day 10


The second day of the PDN conference started on time and we were rolling just as smoothly as last time. God was so gracious for making these conferences so successful. Unfortunately, the Bear Pit was not as successful as the last time. The winner was the owner of a couple schools, and wanted a very large sum of money to upgrade his school. 

After the conference, we played “The World Against Texas,” which was a series of games of the Texas native members against everyone else. The out-of-staters won, but the highlight of the night was Derwin and Josh’s ability to chug a bottle of soda in about three seconds. We had burgers for dinner, and had asked the chef to make us pineapple upside-down cake, which he had never seen nor done before. It was very good. Afterwards a few of us stayed up really late playing a card game called Phase 10. It was a good night full of fellowship.