May 22, 2016

Day 8


Sunday morning, we woke up to go to church. But before we went to church, Pastor Richmond took us on a tour of Kampala and share his testimony. He showed us where his father was killed, where his old house was, and where the Ugandan parliament met.

We then went to New Life Baptist for our church service, where Jason was invited to give a sermon. He preached on the Great Commission, and about the key word “make” in the command “make disciples.” He explained the dichotomy of God have complete control of saving people and also the command for us to preach the Gospel, and how this concept is reconciled by God commanding us to act so he can use us. He used the example of a wooden podium and a hammer, and how the hammer is not glorified in its action in making the podium, but the carpenter is glorified. 

After the sermon, we hopped into the bus and were on our way to Mbale, Uganda. It was around a five hour drive. We stopped on the way for pizza in Jinja, which was a nice break from eating the same Ugandan food three times a day. We arrived in Mbale at our hotel that night after a bus ride full of laughs and the sharing of stories. It was a good day of rest before our second conference.