May 26, 2016

Day 12


Today we visited The Mugabi Farm, which was a farm Baylor helps fund by making strategic investments in the farm. It was a really neat experience working with the Mugabi’s to figure out what would be the best improvement of the farm to increase revenue and also help the surrounding community. We decided on expanding Rose Mugabi’s baking business, by drafting up a plan to purchase a large charcoal oven, refrigerator, and other kitchen necessities. We all very much enjoyed ourselves on the farm.

We also got to visit the local church, which was a touching experience. An old woman had donated half of her land to the church, and takes care of it. While we were listening to the head pastor describe how the church came to be, little children were poking their head in the back to look at the Muzungus. 

In the afternoon, we went to take a boat to see the source of the Nile. Afterwards, we got onto another boat to watch the sunset over the river. It was a very relaxing afternoon of admiring God’s creation.