May 25, 2016

Day 11


The main purpose of our trip was finally concluded with no more conferences on our schedule. The morning started off at 4:45, as we had to head off quickly to catch the sunrise over Sipi Falls. We got there just in time, and after turning a fifteen-minute hike into a five-minute sprint to the top, we were fortunate enough to behold the most glorious sunrise I had ever seen. The view was gorgeous, and if you were to just look at the pictures you would never have guessed we were in Africa.

After the hike we got to enjoy some locally picked coffee. Starbucks gets some of its coffee here for its special blends, so it was incredible to say the least. We then had the opportunity to go abseiling by Sipi Falls. It was a glorious view, and when we got to the bottom the hour long hike back up to the vehicles was absolutely stunning.

We then drove to the camp site by the Nile River that we would be staying at for the remainder of the trip. The campsite was also shared with a bunch of monkeys, which were very entertaining to watch. We got to watch the sunset over the Nile, and ate a variety of pizzas prepared by the camp grounds. It was a wonderful day of observing God’s creation and getting in some muchly needed exercise. We went to bed after telling stories and playing some more card games.